If you have issues related to walking and alignment, orthotics could be helpful for you. Some of the problems that can be helped include foot, knee, and lower back issues. Orthotics are used to realign the bone structure in the ankle and foot, and they can also relieve stress from various other body parts like the hips, shoulder, back, and neck. They also provide cushioning to your feet, giving you support in your arches while distributing your body weight to reduce stress on your feet.

Custom foot orthotics are crafted specially to fit inside most types of shoes. They are created to fit with the shape of your feet precisely.

These orthotics can be prescribed for you, and they last about a year or more in most instances. Though shoe inserts are available at most drugstores, these do not have the custom precision of prescription foot orthotics. Non-prescription inserts seldom fit your feet well, and they rarely provide the customized support needed for relief.

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